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Made in Japan Universal design Blouse Rakusode / Y2 Planning Inc.

It is an introduction of a beautiful blouse made in Japan.
The fabric using Kyoto's printing technology creates a clean drape.
It is a beautiful blouse for adult women.

It is made with universal design. Disabled people can also enjoy fashion.
Material that slips on the skin and wide sleeves. Adjustable mounting position and big buttons easy to hold. Many ingenuity is done.

Y2 Planning Inc. is a company that mainly produces costumes and uniforms such as exhibitions and showrooms. Y2 Planning Inc. is planning, designing, and producing costumes for people who are active at the forefront of corporate PR advertisement as a tool to clearly show the stance of companies and brands. In addition, Y2 Planning Inc. also produces epilogue dresses.

Made in Japan handmade chenille woven handkerchiefs, bag CSWorld Co.;Ltd

I will introduce Japanese handmade chenille woven handkerchiefs, bag company, CSWorld Co.;Ltd.
Luxury textile chenille weave was introduced to Japan in the early Meiji era. Chenille weaving is a method of cutting a woven fabric weave once to make a thread-like thread and weaving it again to finish the pattern. It is a high-class fabric that has a distinctive depth that can not be printed out. Not only design, it has a unique texture, it also features high practicality superior in water absorption and durability.

CSWorld Co.;Ltd. develops four brands.

· Enjeau
It is a brand for a broad generation ranging from 20's to the seniors. Featuring elegance and gorgeousness, high-quality texture, pattern with no front and back, vibrant color, gentle touch Featuring. The DOG & CAT series is also popular.

· Reafeel
It is made of organic cotton which is not chemically treated. Sensitive babies and small children can use with confidence.

· Akashie
We are giving designs loved by everyone so that we can enjoy the high quality chenille weave for everyone. As a chenille woven product, a very rare modern design is characterized by simple and bright coloring. It is a unisex item that you can use regularly for men.

· Linen la vie
"Fibrous hemp 100% linen used in luxury hotels" has been subjected to "enzyme bio processing", realizing the supple and hand feeling which is not hemp. In Europe, hemp is a material that is loved regardless of the season. Initial handkerchief is especially popular.

Chenille woven item sometimes presented to the Emperor.
How would you like to reward yourself for yourself or as a present for those who took care of you?

Made in Japan custom-made shirt Karuizawa shirt

I will introduce Karuizawa shirt of custom-made shirt made in Japan. Karuizawa shirt is a custom-made brand of shirt manufacturer Flex Japan Inc. in Nagano prefecture. Flex Japan was founded in 1940. Now they produce over 10 million shirts a year.
While producing many shirts, they thought that should be provided with order shirts to provide shirts that satisfy customers with different individuals' body size. Karuizawa shirt is a brand for that. and the factory in Japan is a special factory of custom made shirt.

You can make shirts at shops in Karuizawa and online shop. On the online shop, you can do below.
· You can design your own shirt from 100 million design & size & texture.
· You can check shirt, jacket, vest coordination with CG.
· There is also an automatic measuring service that measures the actual size from photos taken with a smartphone.

Karuizawa shirt is carefully made by hands of skilled workers at Japanese factories using only carefully selected materials.
Why do not you wear a "shirt you designed yourself" that is only one in the world?

Made in Japan color contact lens Fall in Eyez(R)PREMIUM

I will introduce made in Japanese color contact lens "Fall in Eyez (R) PREMIUM".
In response to the demand for reliable and reliable color contact lenses, it appeared after a period of preparation for several years.
It is also favorite for popular models and actresses, and has become a hot topic in collaboration with Hollywood movies.

Fall in Eyez® color contact lens focuses on safety.
To prevent troubles due to coloring, it is manufactured in a sandwich structure in which the colored side does not touch the eyes directly.
They are conducting quality and safety tests based on "contact lens approval standards" established under the provisions of the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Law.
It is a color contact lens approved as an advanced medical device to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

Nutte fashion production and renovation

Nutte is a service that connects your imagined fashion with craftsmen who realize it.
Since it can request from 1 piece, it is a service recommended for those who want to realize their own fashion.
You may think that order-made is very expensive, but it is reasonable price.
You can also request renovation and dyeing of items on hand.

Details, registration, production request of Nutte, Click ↓

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