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Skin care

Natural cosmetic brand VINTORTE - The mineral UV series -

Natural cosmetic brand VINTORTE introduces the mineral UV series that protects the skin in summer season.

VINTORTE is a natural cosmetic brand born in Kyoto, founded in 2011. Founder who have the mother with atopic skin developed cosmetics that can be used safely and satisfactorily for sensitive skin. VINTORTE use luxurious ingredients of mineral, silk, vegetable-derived high-quality ingredients, we will bring out the natural beauty of the skin and lead it to the clear skin. In order to deliver cosmetics that can be used with peace of mind, we are doing product planning ~ manufacturing until now in Japan.

The mineral UV foundation series is made of 100% natural material. Does not use ingredients which are burdens on the skin such as Petroleum-based surfactant · rUltraviolet absorbe etc. The more it falls with soap, the more cosmetic it is to the skin, but it does not cause makeup collapse by blending sebum adsorbing powder. "SPF 50 + PA ++++" Protect your skin from the harsh environment of summer such as UV cutting power and moisturizing power.

In order to provide at a reasonable price that can be used everyday, it features simple packaging and low price.

Trial Set of Orbis' popular skin care "AQUA FORCE"

Orbis scientifically proved that the moisture content of the stratum corneum, which is 0.02 mm from the skin surface, is the key to the health of the skin. The secret of the popularity of AQUA FORCE is 100% oil cut & water, it is in moisturizing power to firmly moisturize the skin from the inside.
The AQUA FORCE trial set includes about 3 weeks 'washing face', 'lotion' and 'moisturizing liquid'. In addition, you can choose 3 of your favorite sample.
The price is 1980 JPY (excluding tax).

I recommend it to the following people.
· Skin tone is not stable
· Makeup doesn't apply to skin well
· Makeup is easy to collapse

ReFa Platinum-Electronic Roller

ReFa is a skin care item brand of MTG Corporation, Platinum-Electronic roller is famous. MTG was also talked about in the skin care brand "MDNA SKIN" developed jointly with Madonna.

Characteristics of Rifa's Platinum-Electronic roller is below,
· The micro current will occur, regaining anti-aging and beautiful skin.
· The platinum-coated roller recreates the treatment by professional estheticians and finishes it to a healthy skin with firmness and gloss.
· It is a design that can be decorated in the room as an art object.

MTG is committed to manufacturing in Japan.



POLA MOISTISSIMO trial set, now on sale. Moistissimo is a popular item that has won a number of best cosmetics. By arranging the stratum corneum, it prepares it to moisture-filled skin. Recommended for people in the 20 to 40s who suffer from dry skin all year round.

It is 3456 yen (including tax) at the amount of two weeks.

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DERMED Trial Set


Sansho Pharmaceutical has a history of more than 50 years, and it's the ingredient development makers that the developed more than 100 useful ingredients. DERMED is their brand that responds to your aging skin problems. DERMED contains luxurious ingredients effective for spots, dryness, wrinkles, sagging etc.

This is a trial set of DERMED which has been reincarnated, increasing active ingredients, sticking thoroughly to the comfort of use. It's regular price is about 4300 JPY equivalent in amount of 10 days, now it's special price 1200 JPY. So why not try?

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