Hamano leather crafts and Denhamano handbag


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Hamano leather crafts, the management rights in 2012 was changed to Ltd. Tri-Eyes from the Corporation Yamano Holding Corporation.
At this time, Hamano away the "Hamano, leather craft," Mr. Yu Hamano is home direct line, is a founding the company, "Chuan Hamano handbag".
The two companies is the capital to totally unrelated company.
This time, in Hamano, leather crafts of licensed products and OEM products problem, evaluation is lowered, because it was business-critical situation,
It seems that it is a result of tough negotiations related to the survival of the Hamano, leather crafts.

Since the two companies share a history of over 100 years of 2012 and earlier, the concept is similar, What kind of difference has come out as a product is where to be worried about.

Hamano leather crafts are produced in our own factory in Karuizawa, it seems to have regained the evaluation.
On the other hand, Chuan Hamano handbag also has received the imperial misuse us your nomination.

Because it is two companies with a tradition of representing Japan, compared the two products in the shop, etc., make sure that the difference,
Why not choose a bag to fit the hope to yourself?

Hamano leather craft >>here
Denhamano handbag >>here

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