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There 2 company "Hamano leather craft" and "Den Hamano handbag".
Mr. Yu Hamano who is founder lineal of "Hamano leather craft" founded new company "Den Hamano handbag", after he quite "Hamano leather craft" in 2012.
These 2 company are totally unrelated company. but concept of the bag making is similar, because they have same history.
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Hamano leather craft was founded in 1880 and began to make hand bag in 1950.
Hamano leather craft is imperial purveyor of brand.
The begining of bag making is that the second generation of founder learn the bag-making in Europe and He brought back the technology and trends to Japan.

Currently they are making products at their own factory located in Karuizawa Japan.
One of their belief is that "make a beautiful bag even after 10 years".
This represents their thinking of makeing way that they make excelent bag can use beatifuly for long times.


Hamano has informed to imperial and royal family in the world the goodness of made-in-Japan products.


Fine bag as a supporting women, Hamano has made the bag that looks women more attractive.


Belief that make from their heart. That means make fine bag from the standpoint of those who use.


They choice fine materials and make bag carefully so that to make a beautiful bag even after 10 years in Karuizawa factory.



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