Leather finishing process


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1. Cow hide tanned using tannin

Cow hide tanned using tannin

Leather of only was the tanning tannin.
There is the original leather good, you can enjoy aging.
And there is a long-lasting strength, but weak in the water, it may wet part or become a stain, to bulge.

2. Oil leather

Oil leather

And time of tanning, leather moistened with oil after tanning.
And supple when compared to Nume leather, there is a water-resistant, durable.
By oil comes out stain, it is also characterized by strong scratch.

3. Suede


Brush the back of the leather such as sandpaper, it is the leather that was short brushed.
The more soft texture thing is a luxury, silky suede is luxury goods.
Recently, we increasingly use the calf and pig skins.

4. Velor


Suede and leather was finished in much the same way.
Compared with suede, rough hair, which was brushed, and the difference is a place that long.

5. Nubuck


Polish the front side of the leather, such as sandpaper, it is the leather that was short brushed.
Suede, compared to velor, hair is fine that was brushed, is moist and delicate texture.

6. Embossing leather

Embossing leather

The outside of the leather tanning and pressed, the serpent, is the type of leather wearing, such as leather, such as crocodile.
Also known as the embossed leather.

7. Fir leather

Fir leather

Silver surface of the leather (such as a distinctive pattern appears the layer according to the species of animal) fir, etc. machinery,
Leather wearing a grain (wrinkles out in leather).
By the direction in which the massage will change nickname (water embossed leather, corner grain leather, etc.).

8. Glass Leather

Glass Leather

The chrome-tanned the leather to dry crucifixion, such as the glass, remove the silver surface sand paper, etc.,
Leather and painted in such as pigments and synthetic resins.
Scratch in order to remove the silver surface, stains, such as there is no, you can make inexpensive. Care is also easy.
However, it can not be oil supply in the cream and the like, but you can not enjoy a secular change, Research has been conducted, has come out is material to overturn a weakness.

9. Enamel leather

Enamel leather

The enamel paint is applied to the front side of the leather is a leather with a film glossy.
Shiny and hard feeling is characterized by an elegant finish. It is relatively resistant to moisture.
It is also known as patent leather.

10. Shrink leather

Shrink leather

At the time of tanning, the addition of chemicals and heat, is the leather that the silver surface of the leather has shrunk (shrink).
Highlighted original leather grain (wrinkles) becomes less noticeable scratches.
Soft, unique texture features.

11. Bridle leather

Bridle leather

Over a period of several months in tannin tanning the leather, it is a dense, impregnated with wax leather.
Very There is a strong durability, will be used, such as in the riding saddle.
Since the very time-consuming, expensive leather.