A kind of leather(Cow, Horse, Pig)


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1. Cow

The amount of the distribution is a lot, is the leather material that is most utilized. Features of cowhide, the finish is beautiful, is durable. Cowhide, by age and gender, will be called as follows.

1-1) Calf

calf skin

In leather of calf of less than 6 months old, it is a high-grade material in cowhide. Scratch less, fiber is also a finely soft, it is characterized by smoothness. In particular, calf leather within age 3 months, is referred to as a baby calf, it is the highest-grade material of cowhide.

1-2) Kip

kip skin

In cow leather in up to age 6 months to 2 years, it is a high-quality materials that balances beauty and affordability. It has a good feature of the calf, but is inferior in smoothness as compared with the calf, because there is a strength, has been used for various things.

1-3) Steer

steer hide

At age 2 years or more, is the leather of castrated male cattle between age 3 months to 6 months. A uniform thickness of the leather, the wound is small, and is leathery close to the ticket. The amount of the distribution is also many, the most popular leather, has been used in a broad range of leather.

1-4) Cow

cow hide

At age 2 years or more, is the leather of female cattle that have experienced childbirth. Leather of thickness, strength, is about between the tickets and steer Hyde. Since the leather of large area can be taken, it will be used in a large bag or jacket.

1-5) Bull

bull hide

Old leather of more than three years of bull. Fibrous tissue is rough, but the leather is thick, durable.

In addition, by the size of the leather material is referred to in the following manner. Together with the way is called due to the above-mentioned age, it is called, such as steer Hyde.

1-6) Skin

Small, thin, is a light leather. Such as we call calfskin.

1-7) Hyde

Big, thick, is a think leather. It is called, such as steer Hyde.

2. Horse

There are not many distribution amount, but it has been used, such as in the Riders jacket. In addition, horse leather called cordovan is a highly rare high-quality materials. Coarse fibrous tissue, for overall thin, the strength is less as compared to the leather, there is flexibility. For this reason, it is often used for apparel applications.

2-1) Cordovan


In the buttocks of leather of farming horse, it is a highly rare leather. Fiber organization is about not even through dense air. Hard, tough while, is a high-quality materials of the beautiful luster. From the horse other than farming horse, can not be made, and since has decreased the number of farming horse, scarcity is growing further.

3. Pig

pig skin

It is the only leather that can be self-sufficient in Japan. It has been exported to overseas. Small pores has highly breathable and countless love. And, light and thin, it is also characterized by strong to friction. For this reason, it is often used in the insole of the bag of the interior and shoes. Pigskin Suede finished in suede-like is a high popular, such as casual shoes.