The difference between European and Japanese leather


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Looking at the leather products, you might to see very often that "We are using the European-made luxury leather".

What could be the difference between European-made and Japanese-made leather?

It called a tanning the step of making the leather from the skin,
Tanning need a large amount of water and use plant-derived tannins.
Climate of the land, natural origin of components, the dye, these are different in ifferent places.
So leather depends on location. And leather have each feature.

In addition, Europe has a culture to use the leather for long years, so they are good at handling of leather.
They produced a excelent leather in each of sense and technology.
For example, a feature of Italian leather is good sense that can not be thinking in other places and delicate line and bold colors etc.
All are finished with taking advantage of the features of the leather.

On the other hand, leather culture in Japan is relatively short.
Handling of leather, may not be as good compare with European.
and the sense of Japanese is different from the sense of European.
However, made-in -Japan leather is high quality and ariation in quality is a little.

In summary, if priority of design is high, it's better to use Europian made leather.
If priority of functionality is high, it's better to use Japan made leather.

To obtain a good European leather, you need to make sure well.
Because many of European leather, it has been produced in a small family company.
So there is variation in the quality.

For Japanese-made leather, there is also a good factory.
There is liitle problem infunctionality. So if design is Japanese style, it might fit Japanese leather.

If you care leather product, You can use it for long years.
So why not to the shop, looking at a variety of leather and touch them.
And considering what kind of leather product do you want.