The difference of cheap leather and high leather


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The difference of cheap leather and high leather, depends on the difference in the processing and the skin that becomes a material.

There is that first of what skin.
Beautifully highly rare animal skins, which will of course high,
Even in the same cattle, it will be sorted age, etc. calf, tickets, such as steer ,,, and.

Next will be evaluated in a multi of the scratches and stains.
Scratch, skin, etc. there are many stains cheap, many skin will be higher.

And it is the processing method,

In the case of cheap leather, because stains and scratches, the more you hide the scratches and stains by increasing the thickness of the pigment.
Therefore, poor penetration of the cream, you will not be able to enjoy a secular change.
However, care is easy.

On the other hand, high leather, use scratch, a stain less skin,
In order to bring out the goodness of leather, and finish with a thin coating film, such as unpainted or aniline finish.
Therefore, penetration of the cream is good, you can enjoy a secular change.
However, care will be difficult.

This processing method is also There are several types, old-fashioned processing method of, for example, tanning,
You can pull out the leather original goodness, but it takes more than a month on tanning.
The same applies to the finish machining, for example bridle leather, tanning, dyed leather, A few months over a period of tight, so we are soaked with wax, it takes time and effort.