Basic knowledge of leather


If you are looking at this site, I think that you are looking for a surely good leather.
When it comes to good leather, because it becomes still expensive, I think that it is also possible to become anxious at the time of purchase.
So, here we tried to summarize the basic knowledge of leather.
There are a variety of skin, there are many processing method. And it will create an a lot of leather.
By know each of the features, or will not become easier to find the leather that was in my wish?

The difference of cheap leather and high leather >>
The difference between European and Japanese leather >>
A kind of leather(Cow, Horse, Pig) >>
A kind of leather(Sheep, Deer, Goat, Ostrich) >>
A kind of leather(Snake, Lizard, Crocodile, Stingray, Shark) >>
From skin to leather -- Tanning -- >>
Leather finishing process >>