Supplements is classified roughly into three types.

1. Base supplement
It's made of nutrients from the diet.
These nutrients need to take continuously.
Base Supplement is used to cover a shortage of these nutrients.
Base supplements usually contain vitamins, minerals, amino acids, dietary fiber, collagen, protein, DHA, EPA etc...
This supplements is useful for the person below.
- The person of an irregular eating pattern.
- The person who don't have well-balanced meal.
- The person who want to keep health condition in the future.

2. Health Supplement
Health supplements are made for the purpose of promoting health.
It has the effect of enhancing the immunity and anti-oxidizing power.
Health supplements usually contain Isoflavones, royal jelly, propolis, green juice, chlorella, brewer's yeast, contains catechins, sesamin, and fermented brown rice etc...
This supplements is useful for like the person who feel the fatigue that comes from age.

3. Optional supplement
Optional supplements are made for the purpose of improvement for certain symptoms of physical condition like diabetes prevention, lower blood pressure, stress-relief etc...
Optional supplements possibly contain nutrients that don't take from the diet.
It's Ginkgo biloba extract, turmeric, St. John's wort, saw palmetto, maca, echinacea, valerian etc..
There is a case that contains the same components as pharmaceuticals.
Combination with another medicine is better to avoid.
Also, you may get side effects depending on your constitution.

If you want to try the supplements, It's better to progress in order below.
Base supplements → Health supplement → Optional supplement
There are so many supplements. And some of them are not good.
Before you use, You'd better to check supplement well.


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Health supplement




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